Powerful electric drive

Two power motors with 1.7 and 3.0 kW are available. These master gradients of up to 20% even at full load. Since HopOn® has proven itself for years in demanding day-to-day use, reliability is guaranteed.

Good for employees: No muscle power required - just push a button and let's go!

Fred hypocritically says to Kalle: „Old man, what's up? Want a beer?"
„No, two!“ says Kalle. „Old man my ass, you ride a cargo bike all day long - bike as in bicycle - if you know what you're talking about!“
Fred responds: „Must be heaven!“
But Kalle sees it differently: „I'd rather say hell of a job!“


Integrated charger

The charging cable does not come from the station to the vehicle. HopOn® drives to the nearest socket, flap open and cable into the socket - done. The daily search for the charger is thus a thing of the past.

A plus point for fleets: due to the large number of units, they no longer have problems with chargers "flying around".

TÜV approved quality

With European vehicle approval.
(type approval)


Experience with cargo bikes

No pedelec, no cargo bike but HopOn is a vehicle made of robust automotive parts: