HopOn® - Fast Runner with 30 km/h or alternatively Energy-Saving with 20 km/h (no requirement for a helmet). Without pedals: 100% electric.

Swift trips to depots or hubs are just as well guaranteed as running along in today's traffic. Not only that. Thanks to its advanced technology, HopOn® is well prepared for the traffic of the future.

Regeneratives Bremsen wie im Autoscooter

One-pedal driving - Regenerative Braking

Please take a seat, step on the gas and take off like in a "bumper car". Then ease your foot off the gas and HopOn® brakes to a standstill all by itself. The powerful motor becomes a regenerative brake and returns the generated energy to the battery. So there is no wear and tear. In addition, energy and costs are saved.

Ladefläche in der Größe einer Europalette

HopOn Classic: The space and transport miracle

On the loading bed the size of a Euro pallet, a payload of 250 kg can be easily stowed and be carried in a number of ways. The HopOn® Universal loading bed is made of black durable 15 mm PE. Securing of the cargo is guaranteed by lashing eyes, recessed airline rails as well as container locking.

HopON Long

HopOn Long: Would you like a bit more miracle?

The numerous practical features that already distinguish the HopOn Classic can of course be found again in the new family member, the HopOn Long. Further loading space has been added by an additional EURO pallet's length. Thus, an important contribution to facilitating daily work, flexibility and, above all, improving productivity at the same time.

HopOn® mit Polykarbonat-Dach

Open construction: Topless for a maximum of convenience

Its open design ensures that the driver can get on and off quickly and conveniently. Optionally, HopOn® is available with a polycarbonate roof (like skylights) to protect against heavy rain. However, experience shows that - since the driver gets wet between vehicle and delivery anyway - a good rain jacket may be the preferable protection.

Die HopBox

The HopBox for the CEP services

For fast, easy and safe delivery of different shipments. The HopBox is characterized by a robust steel construction. The HopBox is equipped with a stable roller shutter that has been tried and tested by fire brigades and ambulances for years. For easier handling in the warehouse, in transport and in the CityHub, the HopBox has four sturdy wheels and has its own ramp.

TÜV & Typgenehmigung


In a development period of more than two years, the extensive requirements and demanding criteria for obtaining the European type approval were realized. Now we are ready for the international market. The trouble-free use throughout Europe as well as in numerous non-European countries. One for the USA will soon follow.


The roller container system


Modular design

The Roll Container System is a modular interchangeable system. It is helpful for packing in the warehouse and for transport together with HopOn® in the delivery truck, for storage in the depot and for delivery. Also practical: In the logistics center, it saves time when loading the delivery truck in the morning - as the containers can be pre-packed all day.


Quick Switch

The system also includes sturdy aluminum loading rails. They are used for one-person handling when changing fully loaded and empty containers. As well as time-saving securing and unlocking during delivery by means of the vehicle's central locking system.

HopOn® Anhänger

2 m3 trailer in preparation

It is not that far yet. But soon - as a practical addition to the HopOn® - there will be a HopOn® trailer. This will enable you to move even more loads easily and conveniently from A to B. Separate legal regulations for the approval of this trailer are in preparation.




Drum Brakes: 4 of them - just in case.

HopOn® is perfectly prepared for abrupt braking. With one step on the pedal, the four drum brakes will immediately stop the sturdy vehicle. They are an ideal supplement to the generator brake.

Sicherheit dank vier Rädern

Safety thanks to 4 wheels

The fact that HopOn® has four wheels is a safety feature. It makes it stable. And makes driving, maneuvering and, above all, braking easier.


Hard shell: HopOn® is robust

The HopOn® steel frame construction is particularly sturdy and thus optimally prepared for the adversities of a hard working day. Additional safety is guaranteed by the processed, proven automotive parts.


Inspections: Checking is good

At HopOn® , many things are simple and user-friendly in day-to-day work. It's the same with the services. After all, only a minimum of time and money is required here. After every 2,000 km or 3 months, HopOn® should be inspected so that the electrical system, transmission oil and tire pressure can be checked. This usually does not take more than one hour.


Maintenance: 1x per year

Maintenance is usually only required once a year. The time needed is about two hours. The ToDos here: Checking the brake pads, checking the functions, greasing hinges and locks if necessary, and checking the tire profile and transmission oil.

There is a crash. Packages whirl through the air. A miserable little man kneels in front of a garden fence next to his completely demolished cargo bike. „Ehhhh, what's up, looking for a place to die?“ „Nah, but I want to see you braking with a frame broken in two pieces!“
Berlin, August 2020


Optional Accessories

GPS Tracking und Flotten-Management

GPS Tracking and Fleet-Management


Central Locking System for HopOn and Containers

Key-Less-Go System

Key-Less-Go System